Block Printing [Bagru]
Virasat Experiences offers its guests the opportunity to learn textile block printing as taught by traditional artisans. A majority of the brilliantly-coloured and printed cotton fabrics of Jaipur – for which the city is justly famous – are a product of this block printing craft.

At    At this workshop you will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the traditional work environment of the artisans, where master craftsmen will introduce them to the processes of washing, dyeing, color fixing, block carving, printing, and textile finishing. @ INR 3000 per pax (minimum 2 pax) Transport not included

Blue Pottery [Jaipur]
The art of making blue glaze pottery came to Rajasthan via Kashmir, their entry point into India. The name comes from the eye-catching Persian blue dye used to color the clay. The Jaipur blue pottery, made out of Egyptian paste, is glazed and low-fired. Some of this pottery is semi-transparent and mostly decorated with flower,  animal and bird motifs. @ INR 2000 per pax

Enamel Jewellery [Jaipur]
Enamelling is the techniques of fusing coloured glass and metal. The most extraordinary enamel work of India is MEENAKARI, the enamel of champleve technique. The shaped piece is then to the designer,who outlines the pattern and gives it to the engraver. He, in turn engraves the area to be enameled and even engraves the fine outline to hold the enamel,as well as creates hatching to reflect light from the gold/Silver through the translucent enamel colour, so that they  appear as shimmering precious stones.
Depnding upon your interest and time we can organize  Enamelling  workshop with a president awarded artist ranging from 1 day to 1 week. @ INR 3500 per pax (minimum 2 pax required)


Puppet Making [Udaipur]

Are you interested in learning what it takes to design, build and perform with puppets? Do you want to take the first footsteps to be a puppeteer? Learn the art of planning, creating and manipulating your own puppets with the local puppet maker at their home. The opportunity is yours! Enrol for our half day Puppetry workshop. @ INR 2500 per person (minimum 2 pax required)

Zero Waste [Udaipur]

Waste management has become the need of the hour and it’s crucial that we act upon it! We tend to throw around a lot of trash, which is basically called littering. We provide workshop on making herbal items, handmade jewellery, up cycled creative products, decor items and so much more. Without any artificial material or chemicals. @ INR 2500 per person (minimum 2 pax required)